North Bull Wall, Dublin

Changing Block Orange


View from Bull Island Bridge
Dollymount Bridge in Orange

Dublin Bay had long been bedevilled by silt build-up which made it difficult for large ships to enter. Various attempts to tackle the problem were made throughout the 18th and 19th centuries including a survey by Captain Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame. The North Bull Wall was completed in 1825 and proved to be a permanent solution. This was good for the shipping business but also had the unexpected result of Bull Island forming from the build-up of sand on the north side of the wall. The island is still growing today and hosts a bird sanctuary, two golf clubs, an apparent cottaging spot and kite surfers along its 5KM beach. It remains one of my favourite places in Dublin and is just across the road from St Anne’s Park with it’s multitude of follies and terrains.
These views of and from the North Bull Wall were taken with a Kodak Advantix camera famed for it’s panorama option in the early 2000’s when I lived in Dublin 5. The film format only had a narrow window of time to catch on before the advent of digital and has been discontinued but I had fun with it, my scanner and portable mini-disc recorder – and uploading the fruits of these devices via dial-up. The orange filter effect comes from a pair of long-lost sunglasses purchased en route to Burning Man ’99  placed in front of the lens.

Bull Wall Through Trees
Bull Island Rocks


2 thoughts on “North Bull Wall, Dublin

  1. Great stuff, Gav. Brings back happy memories of D5. I also yoinked the fourth picture for my desktop. Won’t use it for anything else.

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