The Car Park, Galway

Since some time in 2010 friends of mine in Galway city have been recording and putting on gigs in an underused underground carpark built during the “If you build it they will come” hubris of the Celtic Tiger era. Thankfully they never came and the space has been appropriated by a few teenage bush drinkers, furtive couplings, artists, musicians and feral cats. It’s dark, empty and huge so the reverb and atmosphere are unlike that of any regular venue and it costs us nothing to play there. There’s a great sense of freedom in playing there, it’s so much easier to get lost in the music in the dark without any jostling or curfews. There’s a much more evocative description by Zara Doody who is also working on some murals down there. Declan Kelly has documented much of the goings on there in pictures, video and audio on his Abandon Reaon Blog which became a radio series on the Curious Broadcast and is now a record label. The first release is called “I’m in the Abyss!” and it’s a compilation of Carpark recordings in the form of photographic prints with download codes and there’s an all day improv session there today to celebrate.

These are some incidental photos I took when we were recording there, for the performances go to Abandon Reaon.

Interred Radiator

Cars are rarely seen in this carpark.


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