After the storm, Central Park, Songdo, Incheon 2011

From 2010-2011 I lived in Incheon in Korea. Songdo is a strange part of Incheon, itself one of the cities which make up greater Seoul. Mud flats were reclaimed from the sea and Incheon lost a valuable bird habitat but gained an International Business District. It’s the city of the future but it was still sparesly inhabited (unusual for a Korean city) with lots of empty apartments. This cold, futuristic eeriness is compounded by the gigantic Old Testement exhibition in Songdo’s Central Park. It’s hard to imagine where such structures wouldn’t have looked out of place but they were not what I expected to see amidst the shining skyscrapers. It was badly damaged in the typhoon of September ’10 and little effort was made to repair them or make them safe apart from healing the giant, decapitated Jesus in the lake. Presumably this would have been too much for people. Almost 28% of Koreans are Christian, of which Protestents are the majority. These structures might make more sense when we consider that there is a vibrant strain of proselytizing Protestentism in Korea with its roots in the USA.


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