Rivers of Rust & Sonic Dreams






One of the great pleasures of travelling to play music is wandering around taking photos during downtime. Not that there was much during this year’s Sonic Dreams Festival in Waterford. The schedule was packed but everything ran smoothly and there was a relaxed vibe from the 3 hours of Strange Attractor which opened day 2  to the after party which showed no sign of waning as I shuffled out. The sound crew were on the ball and the food was fantastic. Sonic Dreams is an electronic music festival but it spanned the spectrum from the chinstroking to the unaplogetically danceable. Its lattitude and attitude reminded me of the great 3-year run of Hunter’s Moon festivals.

I’ve never had much success with gig photography and I knew Robin Parmar and Fergus Kelly would be keeping the photography bar raised when they weren’t playing. I was content to engage in my usual flâneur-inspired photography. The South-East was still sunny when I set out to wander the town on Sunday. So here’s the first set of pictures from the day after the festival. The next batch will be unrelated images I found in the nooks and crannies of the city. I was also reunited with Declan Q Kelly, an actual photographer. Among other things, we talked about how we seem to be drawn to similar details and have similar ways of framing when taking pictures. Here’s Declan’s latest batch of pictures from his Wexford Wanderings.


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