This was compiled with the invaluable aid of Matt Lievers.
OOP, compilation and previously unreleased tracks on my Soundcloud page.

Various Artists “Thatcher Is Still Dead – A Quarantine Compilation“, Download,
Dollar Pickle & GI Trashposting

Critical Bastards Issue 16, Magazine & Download

Various Artists “The perfect failure (?) vol. 6 : Imperfect failures”, Download,
Eg0cide Productions

Numberwang “dANGERbANGER“, Download, Unbendlegout

Various Artists “LVX: Ten Years of Light and Darkness” Download, Evening Of Light

Gavin Prior “Always Summer Somewhere” Download, Print, Deserted Village

United Bible Studies “I am Full Gibbous” CDR, Dark Holler Arts

Gavin Prior “Clusters” Tape/Download, Fort Evil Fruit

Gavin Prior “All Who Wander” CD/Download, Cambrian Records/Deserted Village

United Bible StudiesWatchman! What of the Dawn”  Download, Muteant Sounds

Gavin Prior “아발론 의 조곡 (The Avalon Suite)” Download, Deserted Village

Sonic Temple Assassins “An Lá na Beann”, Tape, Äänipää Records

Raising Holy Sparks “The Observance Of Holy Days” CDR, Reverb Worship

United Bible Studies “The Box Social” CDR, Reverb Worship

Various (UBS, 4tet w/ David Lacey, Ian Smith & Paul G Smyth  “Live at the Joinery” CD & Download.

TarracóirGROWTHCD & Download, Deserted Village.

Arkhangelesk “Arkhangelesk” Download (Reissue), Deserted Village.

United Bible Studies “A Shatner Observatory” (Remixed)” Download, Huginn & Muninn

United Bible Studies “Beo Faoi Dubhlinn” Download, Huginn & Muninn

The Primal Barber Trio “BARBERBarberbarbr” 3″ CDR, Deserted Village

Murmansk “Flotsom” Download, No label.

Secret Society “Murmansk Remixes” Download, No label

Various “For Tom Carter” Download, Deserted Village

Various “Pouring God Into God”  Download, Abandon Reason

United Bible Studies “Spoicke” CD, Fluid Audio

Various “I’m In The Abyss!” Photographic Print + Download, Abandon Reason

United Bible Studies “I Am Providence” LP, Jellyfant

Various (Toymonger) “Soinoise Vol. 3 Measles” Download, Soinoise

Various (Gavin Prior) “Drone Dome CDR” Hunters Moon

Gavin Prior “Babbleon Cork” Download, Deserted Village

United Bible Studies “Live At The Colchester Arts Centre”, Download, Deserted Village (Deleted)

C Joynes & The Restless Dead “8 Selections & Premonitions From The Tower Vol III” 7″, GPS/Bo Weavil

Various “In Search Of Nick Drake” Download

United Bible Studies “The Dreamlike States Of United Bible Studies” Tape, Fort Evil Fruit

United Bible Studies & Jozef van Wissem “Downland” LP, Deserted Village/Incunabulum

The Drifwood Manor “The Same Figure (Leaving)” CD, Slow Loris/Rusted Rail

Agitated Radio Pilot “Lights Across The Lake/Nothing Is Truly Lost” 3″ & 5″ CDR, Evening Of Light

Patrick Kelleher/Various (Toymonger Remix) “You Look Colder” CD, Osaka

Toymonger “Animal Kingdom“, Tape, Munitions Family

Toymonger “Doors Of Deception” Download Single, SSTN

United Bible Studies “The Gascoigne Observatory” CDR, Apollolaan Recordings

United Bible Studies “The Kitchen Session” Download, Deserted Village

Woven Skull & Friends I “S/T” CDR, Stitchy Press

The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree “The Soup & The Shilling” 2XCD, Deserted Village/Deadslackstring

Lost Roman Legions “The Red Tape” Tape, Deserted Village/Clean Teeth

Allison O’Donnell “Hey Hippy Witch”, CD, Floating World

United Bible Studies “The Jonah” CD, Camera Obscura

Various (Toymonger) “DEAF 2009” 2XCD, DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival)

United Bible Studies “The Arboreal Observatory” Lathe LP, Humbug

Wyntr Ravn “Daylight Raving” CDR, Deserted Village

Boys Of Summer “V” CDR, Munitions Family (guest on one track)

United Bible Studies “The Sorrowful Mysteries of” (Tour Comp.) CDR, Deadslackstring

Toymonger “Street Trash/The Weirding” Tape, Noise Not Music

Murmansk “Live” CDR, Foxglove

Paul Condon/Johnny Dykes/Áine O’Dwyer/Gavin Prior/Tuula Voutilainen “S-KIPS”, DVD, McBett

Various (United Bible Studies) “Bound With Skin” 5X CD, Skulls of Heaven

Agitated Radio Pilot “World Winding Down” 2XCD, Deadslackstring

Toymonger “The Nightvision” LP, Deserted Village/Munitions Family

Giraffe Running/Various (Includes United Bible Studies Remix) “S/T” 2xCD, Learn To Love

Agitated Radio Pilot/The Nether Dawn (Split) “The Ghost Of Medb/Under Your Night” Lathe LP, Pseudoarcana

United Bible Studies “The Northern Lights & The Northern Dark” 3″ CDR, Rusted Rail,

United Bible Studies “Live at the Warehouse” CDR, Leaf Trail

United Bible Studies “Black Colcannon” CDR, Ruralfaune

Lost Roman Legions “S/T” CDR, Deserted Village/Stabbies Etc

United Bible Studies “The Shore that Fears the Sea” CD, Deserted Village/Deadslacktring, (2nd Pressing: 2008)

Various (United Bible Studies) “Red Gold” Tape, Gold Soundz

Various (United Bible Studies) “Ihmettelenpä Sanoi Kampela Jos Lahana On Pliisu” CDR, 267 Lattajjaa

The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree “The Cat’s Melodeon” 3″ CDR, Deserted Village

Various (UBS Gavin Prior Remix) “Noise Research Program Vol.2” CD, Burning Emptiness

Agitated Radio Pilot/Peter Wright/The North Sea “Untitled Split” CDR, Deserted Village,

United Bible Studies “Airs of Sun and Stone” CDR, Deserted Village
(CDR Reissue on Deep Water Acres 2008)

United Bible Studies “The Solar Observatory” CDR, 23 Productions

Weapons Of Mass Destruction “No Retreat, No Surrender” 3″ CDR, Slow Loris

Murmansk “S/T” CDR, Deserted Village

Arkhangelesk “Arkhangelesk” CDR, Foxglove

Christina Carter/Black Forest Black Sea “S/T” CD, Time-Lag

Various (Murmansk, UBS) “Cottage Industrial Vol 2” CDR, Humbug

United Bible Studies/Tremors Live, CDR, Munitions Family

Various (UBS) “Half Empty” Zine & CD, Robots & Electronic Brains/Burning Emptiness

Various “This Is Our Playgroup“, CDR, Slow Loris

United Bible Studies “Huntly Town” 3 ” CDR, Slow Loris

United Bible Studies “The Lunar Observatory” CDR, Foxglove

Murmansk/R.O.T. “Tour Split” CDR, Veglia

Murmansk “Craterscrape” CDR, Imvated

Team Discovery Channel “Nocturnes” 3″ CDR, Pseudoarcana

Various (Murmansk) “Eklectra” CD, Elusive

The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree “The Mildew Leaf” CDR, Deserted Village,

United Bible Studies “Stations of the Sun, Transits of the Moon” CDR, Deserted Village
(CDR Reissue on Barl Fire, 2006)

Murmansk “End Of Navigation” CDR, Humbug

Daniel Figgis/Various (Gavin Prior) “When It’s Ajar: The Music Of Daniel Figgis” 2xCD, Spitroast

Weapons Of Mass Destruction “S/T” CDR. Deserted Village

Amygdala “S/T” CDR, Deserted Village

Various Artists “Music From The Deserted Village” CDR, Deserted Village,

Murmansk “S/T” CDR, Deserted Village

Various (Gavin Prior) “Axis of Evol/Thrill Yr Idols” (Sonic Youth Covers) Download

Various (Murmansk, Solo, United Bible Studies) “Brane #1” Magazine & CDR

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